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Our Story

JHW Couture is an exclusive service, exceptional quality pieces and tailor made outfits with a unique, personable approach. 

We design and create stunning, bespoke clothing for special events – our aim is to inspire and influence.

We discuss, draft and model beautiful couture staples for your wardrobe and unique show-stoppers, for even the most specific occasion.

JHW Couture stays true to the essence of the client, whilst producing a sense of timelessness. 

“Fashion changes, but style endures” - Coco Chanel


Julie Hight-Warburton, Designer


After training at St Martin’s London, I spent many years working internationally as a fashion designer.

I was employed by many different companies and labels to assemble collections for sale in the UK, Europe and the USA. I also ran my own consultancy and bespoke business (custom knits and wedding dresses).

I have worked in fashion, interior design, events and spent some time painting too, I love being creative.

I have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of style trends and fabric technology; I have a flair for colour and an eye for design. Experience has taught me what really works for different ages, shapes, and budgets.

I love couture, and in this age of fast fashion and a throwaway society, I have decided to concentrate on the bespoke. Hand crafted individual pieces that will last through crazes and whims, garments that you’ll treasure and update with accessories, distinctive and original items that cannot be copied by your peers, beautifully “engineered” apparel that hugs your body like a second skin, and moves with you like a cloud.

Follow me on a journey of discovery; make your special event extraordinary with a truly bespoke outfit, and let me dress you for the occasion, red carpet, wedding or Ascot!


We’d love to hear from you! Please send us a note or comment and we’ll reply promptly.


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